Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

At Riordans MMA Club, our instructors ensure that different levels perform a variance of the same techniques according to difficulty. They also monitor their students closely to encourage progress and belt promotion.
BJJ Classes include gi and no-gi training.

BJJ classes often begin with 20 minutes of warm-up followed by a series of technical lessons. The drills are done in pairs with an emphasis on technique rather than strength and power. You can expect to get the work out of your life as you train for self-defense, competition, to get ripped or all the above. We nurture a friendly and safe environment where everyone is welcome. We hope to welcome you to the family soon!


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not a guys only kind of thing. Ladies by the drove are signing up to take classes in this new sport that is “sweeping” the nation. You may be asking yourself why a female would want to take up BJJ. Well, read on and find out how this art can become a big part of your life.

Once you join, you will notice you are now a part of a family. Many people enjoy the comradery that comes along with attending class regularly. People in BJJ are often laid back and exhibit a wicked sense of humor.

An amazing workout, self-defense, confidence and having fun are just a few of the benefits of joining our BJJ program. You may notice a lot more benefits once you start and we would love to hear it from you.  Call us, schedule a class and get ready for your transformation.

After training and becoming proficient in BJJ, you will also notice your confidence levels soar. Regular training on the mat will give you the tools to tackle any job, obstacle or goal. You will learn about perseverance and develop  the “grit” to get you through life.

The unique workout and floor based exercise is a unique fusion of yoga, pilates, and cross-fit all “rolled” into one. You will have the best workouts and become super-fit, we promise. Not convinced?  Just check out our BJJ teachers. You will notice they are all shredded.

Self-defense is often a reason female students will seek out martial arts. BJJ will give you the knowledge and skill to survive an attack whether you are on your feet or find yourself on the ground.

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