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About Riordan's MMA Club

BJJ Lineage of Riordan's MMA Club and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Running Springs, California🥋🇮🇪🇧🇷🍀🥊
Carlos Gracie to
Reylson Gracie to
Ken Gabrielson (Dirty Dozen) to
Dartanian Bagby (Dirty Dozen) to
Jason Riordan.

Riordan's MMA Club and BJJ is an affiliate school of 6th Degree Black Belt Dartanian Bagby, owner of Dartanian Jiu Jitsu in North Hollywood, California.

martial arts

Open Day

4th March 10 AM to 17 PM

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Club Owners

Jason and Lisa Riordan Co-owners of Riordan's MMA met in High school 30 years ago. After 25 years of doing 'other life stuff', they reconnected through Facebook and had a first time conversation about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Co creating a Heart of the Hero Program and Riordan's MMA Club.

After 5 years of owning multiple businesses together, Jason and Lisa decided to move to the mountain full time and add value to the local community with establishing Riordan's MMA Club.

The club has over 50 active students from San Bernardino mountain communities.

Our motto:

Luck favors the prepared.

Come learn World Class MMA, BJJ techniques with us

About Us

Riordians mma club offers a full range BJJ, MMA and self defense training in a clean, family friendly enviroment.

Open Hours

Monday: 4pm-8pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 4pm-8pm
Friday: 4pm-10pm
Saturday-Sunday: 4pm-6pm


31984B hilltop Blvd, Running Springs, CA 92382
Email: Kingspoet@yahoo.com
Telephone: 818-203-9361

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